Cariad Staging provides a strong and reliable solution for most applications where a raised platform is required. From performance, public announcing and speeches to raised seating areas.



Our 18 inch high standard block staging comes in six 4ft x 4ft sections with two 9 inch high 2ft x 8ft steps. Complete area covered (not including steps) is 8ft x 12ft.

This versatile staging system can be setup in any combination and is great as standard staging, catwalks or a raised seating platform.

PRICES: 4ft x 8ft -    £30 day one – £7.50 Per day there after. (One free step on request.)

8ft x 8ft -   £45 day one – £15 Per day there after. (One free step on request.)

8ft x 12ft – £65 day one – £25 Per day there after. (Both steps free on request.)



Our fully covered small festival and events stage is an ideal and affordable solution to protect your community event or outdoor live music performance from the elements. This stage is mounted solidly on a 6ft x 14ft trailer at a height of approximately 2.5ft (ground curvature dependant) and once setup double its size to 12ft x 14ft. Its corner stabilizing legs makes the stage ridged and allows the stage to be set level on uneven ground.

The Stages optional cover utilises a strong semi circular structure made from ridged steel rods covered with a thick white tarpaulin. At its peak the top cover stands at around three meters tall A cover for the base of the stage is also provided to hide the under-structure.

We will in some cases offer to setup this stage a day before booking starts at no extra charge to the client.

PRICES:  6ft x 14ft  -  £80 first day £30 per day after. (NOTE: No Top Cover available for this option)

12ft x 14ft -  £150 first day £70per day after. (NOTE: Average set-up time 2hrs.)