Cariad Can Provide Stage and Party Lighting. We have several different options listed below, suitable for most small to medium applications. If you have ordered a P.A. System to combine with these lights take 20% off the price!

Performers Friends:

Arguably our favorite lights for overall ease of use and venue compatibility, these lights have served the Cariad Band and other performers well. The Four L.E.D parcans on each of the two available rigs provide great light coverage in small to medium venues. They also have an easy to use foot switch board to create blackouts, colour washes or ‘to the beat’ lighting changes. You can also manually set the effect you want to run all night with the handy lcd display on the rear.

Price: £30/Day/Each.

Standard Load-out: One Stand, One Foot board Control Switch, Four L.E.D. Parcans

Optional Free Extras: Free Link cable (When both are hired) So you need only use one foot switch. Free 10 min training course in the use of the lights if required.




Make My Eyes Water:

These lights can run several different programmed lighting effects but also come with a DMX control unit that allows more refined work. They can be set up on the floor or attached to hanging bars. (health and safty guidelines apply.) One should avoid looking directly into the lights.

Price: £60/Day

Standard Load-out: 6 L.E.D. linkable Parcans, Link Cables, DMX Control Unit.

Optional Free Extras: Free 15 min training course in the use of the lights.





Who Turned On The Lights?!:

Everything From Above, Plus two L.E.D. Moving Heads. Plus a Technician to run it all for you.

Price: £150/Day